Our Vision:

To be the conscience of regulatory assurance in financial reporting and corporate governance in Nigeria

 Our Mission:

To bring utmost confidence to investors, reputation to oversight and ensure quality in accounting, auditing, actuarial, valuation and corporate governance standards and non-financial reporting issues.


The Council’s main objects, as defined in the FRC Act, are to:

  • protect investors and other stakeholders interest
  • give guidance on issues relating to financial reporting and corporate governance to professional, institutional and regulatory bodies in Nigeria
  • ensure good corporate governance practices in the public and private sectors of the Nigerian economy
  • ensure accuracy and reliability of financial reports and corporate disclosures, pursuant to the various laws and regulations currently in existence in Nigeria
  • harmonise activities of relevant professional and regulatory bodies as relating to corporate governance and financial reporting.
  • promote the highest standards among auditors and other professionals engaged in the financial reporting process.
  • enhance the credibility of financial reporting; and
  • improve the quality of accountancy and audit services, actuarial, valuation and corporate governance standards.