Individual Professional


Every professional seeking registration shall fill the Individual Professional registration form and print out the transaction code for bank payment or click Payment to Pay the sum of N17,000 or $110 only (non refundable registration application fee of N12,000 and renewable annual levy of N5,000 in accordance with Section 33(a) of the FRC Act, 2011).


  1. After you have completed this online registration Form and verified that all information submitted are correct, please click on the “Submit” button. (You can click the “Reset” button if you wish to start all over again)
  2. You shall be prompted to print a copy of the form. Please ensure you do this.
  3. A transaction code shall be generated for you by the computer which shall be required at the Bank for payment. Please ensure you write down this code.
  4. Proceed to any of the listed Banks with your transaction code to effect payment.
  5. Kindly proceed with a printed copy of your Form, attaching photocopies of all relevant documents, together with evidence of payment at the Bank to the “Registration of Professionals Unit” of the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) for submission.
  6. You can also submit at any of the Corporate Affairs Commission offices (FRC Liaison Room) at the following locations: Abuja, Benin, Enugu, Ibadan, Kaduna, Kano, Lagos and Port Harcourt
  7. The FRC shall commence your registration and contact you thereafter.

List of Professional Bodies

Given below are the sites of some important professional bodies for easy reference to help you decide your registration with the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria. Please note that this list is not exhaustive. If your professional career is not listed and or does not have an ENABLING ACT, please indicate as others or contact FRC for guidance.

S/n Institutions ENABLING ACT Website REMARKS
1 Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria CAP 111, LFN 2004 www.icanig.org
2 Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria CAP C8, LFN 2004 www.cibnonline.org
3 Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria CAP C10, LFN 2004 www.citn.org
4 Nigeria Institute of Estate Surveyors & Valuers Estate Surveyors and Valuers (Registration, act)” Decree No. 24 of 1975 www.niesv.org
5 Association of General & Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria No Enabling Act www.agmpn.org The professional body recognized by act of parliament is Nigerian Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria
6 Association of National Accountants of Nigeria CAP. A26 L.F.N, 2004 http://www.anan.org.ng
7 Business Education Exams Council  No Enabling Act www.beectraining.com  Not a professional body
8 Centre for Law & Development No Enabling Act www.clds.org  Not a professional body
9 Certified Pension Institute of Nigeria No Enabling Act www.pensioninstitute.com  NO ENABLING ACT
10 Chartered Institute of Marketing of Nigeria No.25.22nd July, 2003 www.thenimn.org  Chartered Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (CIMN) and Nigerian Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMARK) have been merged together to form National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria
11 Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria CAPS C11, LFN, 2004 www.ciinigeria.com
12 Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria CAP I15 L.F.N. 2004 www.cipmnigeria.org
13 Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers CAPS C9, LFN, 2004 www.cisnigeria.com
14 Certified Institute of Cost Management No Enabling Act www.icmn.org
15 Medical & Dental Consultants Association of Nigeria No Enabling Act www.mdcan-ng.org The Professional body is the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria.
16 Nigeria Bar Association No Enabling Act www.nigeriabar.com NOT A PROFESSIONAL BODY (PRESSURE GROUP)

Its activities are managed by the General Council of the Bar as provided in Section 1 of Legal the Legal Practitioner Act.

17 Nigerian Institute of Management ACTS 149 LFN 2003 www.managementnigeria.org
18 Nigeria Institute of Quantity Surveyors CAP. Q1 L.F.N. 2004 www.niqs.org.ng
19 Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research CAPS N115, LFN 2004 www.niser.org
20 Nigerian Institute of Town Planners Town Planners (Registration etc)

CAP. T7 L.F.N. 2004

21 Nigerian Medical Association www.nigerianma.org NOT A PROSSSIONAL BODY (PRESSURE GROUP)
22 Nigerian Society of Engineers www.nse.org.ng SEE COREN
23 Science Teachers Association of Nigeria No Enabling Act www.stan.org.ng NOT A PROFESSIONAL BODY
24 Strategic Management Centre No Enabling Act www.smgnigeria.org  Enabling Act? NOT A PROFESSIONAL BODY
25 West African College of Physicians No Enabling Act www.wac-phycisians.org  Enabling Act? NOT A PROFESSIONAL BODY
27 Advertising Practioners Council of Nigeria CAP. A 7 L.F.N. 2004 www.apcon.gov.ng
28 Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria No Enabling Act www.oaan.org NOT A PROFESSIONAL BODY
29 Manufacturers Association of Nigeria No Enabling Act www.manufacturersnigeria.com NOT A PROFESSIONAL BODY
30 The Nigerian Institute of Safety Professionals http://www.nispnigeria.com
31 Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) CAPS N114, LFN 2004 http://nipr-ng.org/
32 Pharmacist Council of Nigeria CAPS P 17, LFN, 2004 www.pcnng.org
33 West African Institute for Financial & Economic Management No Enabling Act www.waifem.org NOT A PROFESSIONAL BODY
34 Financial Institutions Training Centre (FITC) No Enabling Act www.fitc-ng.com NOT A PROFESSIONAL BODY
35 Money Market Association of Nigeria No Enabling Act www.moneymarketng.com NOT A PROFESSIONAL BODY
36 African Institute for Applied Economics No Enabling Act www.aiae-nigeria.org  NOT A PROFESSIONAL BODY
37 Nigeria Computer Society NO ENABLING ACT http://www.ncs.org.ng The Professional Body is the Computer Professional (Registration Council) established by C22 LFN 2004
38 Institute of Credit & Risk Management http://icrmng.org/index.html NOT A PROFESSIONAL BODY
39 Portfolio & Debt Management Institute http://www.pdmin.org  


40 Institute of Chartered Economists of Nigeria No Enabling Act www.icennig.org The Institute of Chartered Economists of Nigeria (I.C.E.N) was established by the Companies and Allied Matters Act, 1990
41 Institute of Registered Administrative Managers of Nigeria No Enabling Act http://www.regdmanager.org
42 The Institute of Certified Geographers of Nigeria No Enabling Act www.icgnig.org  


43 The Institute of Business Development No Enabling Act www.ibd-ng.org
44 The Institute of Benefits and Trusts Management No Enabling Act www.institute-benefits.org
45 The Institute of Pensions Management No Enabling Act www.penmgt.org
46 Chartered Institute of Administration CAP C7, LFN,2004 http://www.cia-ng.org
47 Nigerian Institute of Professional Secretaries No Enabling Act http://www.nipsecretaries.org
48 Pipeline Professionals’ Association of Nigeria (PLAN) No Enabling Act http://plan-ng.com/index.php
49 National Teachers’ Institute CAP N79,LFN, 2004 http://www.ntinigeria.org/about.html
50 Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria No Enabling Act http://www.ps-nigeria.org PSN is registered under section 21 of the 1922 Companies Act.
51 The Institute of Chartered Secretaries of Nigeria CAP113, LFN, 2004 http://www.icsan.org/about.html
52 Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) Engineers (Registration, etc) Act, CAP E11 of 2004 http://www.coren.gov.ng
53 Nigerian Institute of Architects No Enabling Act http://www.niarchitects.org The Nigerian Institute of Architects (NIA) was founded on the 1st of April 1960 as an association of independent professional architects with the arms and objective of fostering friendship amongst members, cater for their welfare and establish mutual support and cooperation amongst them.
54 Nigeria Insurers Association No Enabling Act http://www.nigeriainsurers.com The Professional body is CIIN
55 Nigerian Institute of Building No Enabling Act http://www.niobuilding.org It is a training arm of Council of Registered Building of Nigeria (CORBON)
56 Nigeria Computer Society http://www.ncs.org.ng/aboutus.html
57 Information Technology Association of Nigeria No Enabling Act http://www.itan.org.ng/aboutus.htm
58 Certified Institute of Warehousing & Materials Management No Enabling Act http://www.cism-ng.org The Certified Institute of Warehousing and Materials Management (CIWM) claims that it was established by the Federal Government Decree No 1 of 1990. However the said law is CAMD. Hence we state that it has NO enabling Act.


59 Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Nigeria No Enabling Act http://cpanigeria.org/education_prog.html
60 Money Market Association of Nigeria No Enabling Act http://www.moneymarketng.com
61 Institute of Chartered Economists of Nigeria No Enabling Act http://www.icennig.org/index.php The Institute of Chartered Economists of Nigeria (I.C.E.N) claims that it was established by the Companies and Allied Matters Act, 1990. This could be a reference that it registered with CAC. Hence NO enabling Act
62 Chartered Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of Nigeria No Enabling Act http://www.cicma-ng.org
63 The Institute of Credit Administration of Nigeria NO Enabling Act http://www.icanigeria.com The Institute of Credit Administration (ICA) was established as a non-profit organization in 1992 and got its legal status as a body limited by guarantee under the law of Nigeria in year 2002. The institute’s Bill for charter scaled through and was passed into Law at the Nigeria’s Federal House of Representatives in 2009.
64 The Institute of Company & Commercial Accountants of Nigeria No Enabling Act http://iccaofnigeria.org/about.htm
65 The Institute of Registered Administrative Managers of Nigeria No Enabling Act http://regdmanager.org
66 Institute of Industrial Security & Safety of Nigeria (NISP) No Enabling Act
67 Institute of Public Analysts of Nigeria CAP 116, LFN 2004 http://www.ipanng.org
68 Institute of Investment Management & Research No Enabling Act http://www.investment-fa.com
69 Nigerian Institute of Safety Professionals Institute of Safety Professional of Nigeria Act 2 of 2014 http://www.isponnigeria.org The correct name is  Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria and NOT  Nigerian Institute of Safety Professionals
70 Institute of Public Management (Unique) No Enabling Act www.ipm-unique.org Chartered Institute of Public Management of Nigeria is an Educational and Professional Institute for the professionalization of Public Management practice in this part of the world in line with global practice. This is an independent, non-political, non religion and non- profit making body. The Institute is governed by the National Executive Council (NEC) it is approved by Federal Ministry of Education Guaranteed by Federal Ministry of Justice and Incorporated by Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) RC 773804 and Chartered by the House of Representatives on BILL ,2015 (HB.422) of 4th June 2015
71 Institute of Fraud Examiners No Enabling Act http://acfeng.org/membership.php NOT A PROFESSIONAL BODY
72 Nigerian Institute of Industrial Management No Enabling Act http://www.niim.org/index.htm The Nigerian Institute for Industrial Security was founded in January 2000 and was registered with Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja on 12th June, 2003.
73 Medical & Dental Council of Nigeria CAP M8 L.F.N. 2004 http://www.mdcnigeria.org The professional body that regulates Nigerian Medical Doctors and Dentists
74 Association of West African Professional Economists Bodies No Enabling Act www.awapeb.org
75 Institute of Strategic Management of Nigeria No Enabling Act http://ismng.org/default.aspx .
76 Institute of Professional Recruitment Consultants, IPRC Nigeria No Enabling Act www.iprcng.net
77 Institute of Finance & Control of Nigeria No Enabling Act www.ifcnnig.org
78 The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport No Enabling Act http://ciltnigeria.org/index.php
79 Institute of Treasury Management No Enabling Act http://www.citmnigeria.org/ NOT A PROFESSIONAL BODY
80 The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and supply management of Nigeria Act 21 of 2007 http://cipsmn.com
81 Chartered Institute of Commerce of Nigeria No Enabling Act http://www.cicng.org NO ENABLING ACT
82 Nigeria Institute of Civil Engineers No Enabling Act http://icenigeria.org It is a division under the Nigeria Society of Engineers. The professional body is COREN
83 Institute of Data Processing Management of Nigeria No Enabling Act www.idpmnigeria.org The Professional body is the Computer Professional (Registration Council) established by C22 LFN 2004


84 Society of Construction Industry Arbitrators of Nigeria No Enabling Act http://www.sciarb.com/index.html  

It was established in 1993 and incorporated in 2006 under the Companies and Allied Matters Act as essentially a multi-disciplinary arbitration body

85 Nigerian Institution of Surveyors Surveyors Registration Council of Nigeria Act  CAP. S18 L.F.N. 2004 http://www.nis.org.ng